About us

AMUSINGOLD is a virtual, innovative, interactive and independent platform created to give voice to leading designers from the contemporary jewellery world  through interviews, in-depth analyses and trend reports from both the precious world of jewels and the fickle world of fashion. Our community aims to be a meeting spot for independent, young Italian and international designers to interact, showcase their own designs, find inspiration and feed off ideas from established designers, read industry news, discover special addresses around the world and have the opportunity to be seen by international buyers, called upon to select one winning jewellery piece and one winning designer. Our aim is to talk about jewellery using a new visual language through photo galleries and fashion shooting portraying items that combine research, innovation and design, going well beyond the intrinsic value of the materials used. 

Who are we? A team of jewellery and fashion editors with a great passion for the potential expression of jewellery, that aims to promote the future generations of jewellery designers, selected according to rigorous qualitative standards, and offering them the opportunity to be seen and to develop their artistic capacities.

Federica Frosini, journalist, jewellery editor and co-founder at amusingold.com. Contact: federica@amusingold.com

Giulia Romanifashion and jewelry stylist is co-founder at amusingold.com. Contact: giulia@amusingold.com

Martina Zanicottifashion and jewelry stylist is co-founder at amusingold.com. Contact: martina@amusingold.com